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    Welcome: Zouping Dongfang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
    Language: Chinese ∷  English

    Our service advantage

    Service tenet: take customer satisfaction as the center
    1. ensure that the product is timely, accurate, safe, efficient and economical to the customer.
    2., regular visits to key customers, timely organization of technical personnel technical guidance, to solve customer worries.
    3. handle and interpret the opinions and suggestions made by customers in a timely manner to ensure that the solution and processing rate is 100%.
    Sales network:
    The realization and promotion of customer value has always been the direction of our efforts. We regard quality and convenient service as an effective extension of the brand in a more profound sense. Trying to establish an unlimited communication platform between the enterprise and the user through the perfect service system.
    1. sincerely treat our customers, introduce the development of Orient Corp and the strength of the company, provide brochures and related product brochures.
    2., we are not only limited to the supply of products, we will provide customers with new special customized services on the basis of a comprehensive understanding of customers, and provide system solutions for each application accurately.
    3., we will evaluate the final use of our products and track their performance changes.
    4. of our customers and dealers to establish detailed customer files, record customer feedback and product recommendations, both for the convenience of customers to find relevant information, and convenient for us to follow, for customers to solve difficult problems.
    5., each year we organize relevant personnel to visit customers, solicit customer comments and suggestions, and constantly improve, so that customers more satisfied.
    6.. Welcome to consult and provide the problems in the process of using the serial products.



    Company: Zouping Dongfang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

    Tel: 0543-4501076

    Fax: 0543-4502242

    Email: dongfang@sddongfang.com

    Add: Haosheng Town,Zouping County,Shandong,China

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